Lost in the Pines
Life Drawing

sparrowvision reblogged your photo and added:

OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! And I thought I was a monster XD

Hahaha I made him pretty :P Now he can join the wild hunt AND look fab all at the same time >.<

seanieblahblah replied to your photoset “A few more photos from the set of Vikings (Season 2) click to view…”

Wow dude, that’s so cool! You must’ve been SWEATING in that outfit.

The robe one wasn’t too bed, I was a noble for that, It was just about the right temperature for that costume. But man, that peasant costume, I was DYING >.< I had to do a really quick costume change for a scene we never ended up using, so I didn’t get to undress fully. In other words, I still had most of my previous costume on when they dressed me as a peasant. Hence the poofy-ness. God the heat!

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